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Bosch Distributor Rebuild Service

"Buy one outright, or    we can rebuild yours"

There is no substitute for an original Bosch vacuum advance distributor. 

We know because we have tried them all, while carrying out VW Camper servicing and road testing . Whether it be Petronics, MSD, 123 Ignition, or the super inadequate 009, none of them provide the same feel or quality of drive. None of the aftermarket distributors have the correct advance curves, so they don't allow the engine to work at its most optimal at all times throughout the rev range.

Bosch SVDA distributors get the absolute best out of your engine, in terms of performance.

They provide the best acceleration, the best fuel economy, and are a key component to keeping your aircooled VW Camper or VW Splitscreen or Beetle running efficient and cool. 

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