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Fully rebuilt Bosch '034' Distributor.German SVDA.

Suitable for all 1600 cc aircooled VW engines.

Price includes postage to U.K mainland.

Perfectly pairs up with a 34 PICT carb. But will work with other PICT carbs for 1600 aircooled.

Distributor comes with new points and condenser.

Cap and rotor are not included and can be ordered for an additional cost of £35.

Please state when ordering.

All distributors are fully disassembled, cleaned in a sonic bath and inspected.

All broken, damaged or missing parts are replaced. They are reassembled using new shims, insulators, spacers and o-rings. Properly lubricated.

This is the best option for your aircooled engine. There is absolutely no other electronic unit that can give the exact same advance curves and performance as these original BOSCH units. 

Freshly tuned-up and ready for another 40 years of service. 

Bosch '034'

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