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VW Engineering likes Buttys Bits

BUTTYS BITS, is a small business founded by Simon Butland.

Simon started his business after noticing that parts he needed for his own projects just weren`t out there .

He decided to put his background in engineering to good use by making a few items to improve his and his friends VW`s ......

Butty's Bits was born.
Here at VW Engineering we love Butty's throttle pedal kits! Super high quality. 

We wish all aftermarket VW parts were this good.


VW Engineering likes The VW Engineering Company

VW Engineering Ltd has been buying engines from Adrian for over ten years. 

After all these years, i can honestly say that he has never let us down. He provides a fast service, promptly turning around either brand new or reconditioned engines for us.

The VW Engine company is our exclusive supplier of engines because they consistently provide an excellent product at a fair price. Their excellent reputation is testament to this.

If you come to us to supply and fit a reconditioned aircooled engine, this is who we use, every time. 

VW Engineering likes Litesteer

Lite steer is a company that has designed an absolute game changer of a product. Lite Steer has developed a bolt on power steering system, that works so well, it totally transforms the driving experience.

VW Engineering has fitted this setup for many of our female customers, who find driving their beloved campers at slow speeds, whilst parking etc, very difficult because the steering is so heavy.

VW Engineering  can fit these power steering units on all VW Splits and Bays. You will not believe the difference!

Call us today, and get your steering upgraded.

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