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Rebuilt Solex Carburettors

"Genuine German Solex Carburettors, Rebuilt and ready for another 50 years service" 



Another case where we felt we could offer something of a higher quality than the poor substitutions sold aftermarket.

For years, in our service bays, we were reluctantly supplying the Chinese made Empi Solex copy. But now, when carrying out a thorough VW Camper service, if a carburettor is required we can supply our customers with a truly excellent product. 

We now source genuine German Solex carburettors, and remanufacture them, in house. 

If you are looking to return your carburettor, to its former efficient and tuneable mode of operation, then look no further, these are the carburettors for you.

These are Rebuilt Original Solex Carburettors, only the originals are stamped "Made in W.Germany,"  and are not to be confused with cheaper aftermarket copies such as modern Solex Brosol or Bocar

Each Original Genuine Solex carburettor is entirely stripped down, and cleaned in an Ultrasonic bath, which cleans out all of the tiny internal passageways. The external ancillaries are sent away to be stripped and re zinc-coated. The old spindle bushes are pressed out. The carburettors are then vapour-blasted and washed once more to remove the minutest of residue. Once thoroughly clean new spindle bushes are pressed in, and all rubber seals and gaskets are replaced.

Each carb is then setup up to stock factory settings, leaving only very minor adjustment for you to fine adjust untill the engine runs at its best. At the end of the process, you're left with a superbly refurbished Original Genuine Solex carburettor. Set up and ready to fit on your engine.

You can buy one outright for the prices listed, or alternatively we can recondition yours. 

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