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Servicing Workshop

VW Engineering, has been running a comprehensive servicing workshop, for vintage aircooled VW's since 2005. 

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the art of keeping your VW alive, and running at its best.

Its our aim to offer our customers a service which provides the best quality of outcome, for the longterm health of their much loved vehicle.

What we love doing the most, is taking on a customers vehicle, that, quite frankly is often, not the nicest drive in the world.

And putting our wealth of knowledge and experience, to use, to change all the little things which make a big difference, and transform the feel of the drive, into something that is a complete pleasure, and which leaves a smile on their face.

We have helped hundreds of customers over the years, to transform their cherished but frankly unreliable campers or buses into a trusty friend, that they can rely on, to transport them and their families on holiday, whether it be in the U.K or the continent.

We understand how important, reliability is for our customers, and we want to help people have confidence in their vehicle.

We recommend a yearly safety check at the very least. With the change in the MOT laws which commence May 20th 2018.                          

We are now offering our customers a free annual full vehicle safety check, with every annual engine service. This free safety checkover, checks all of the items that an mot tester would have checked when MOT tests were compulsory. Now with the change of law, we feel that more than ever, it is very important to keep a close eye on the safety aspect of maintaining your VW.

Instead of an mot certificate, we will issue a document that will include a list of any recommendations, and it will state that your vehicle has been safety checked, and is fit to be used on the public roads. This safety check will achieve two things. Firstly, it will give you piece of mind, that your vehicle is safe to use. Secondly, in the event of an accident, our customers will have a document that can be offered as proof to an insurance company, that the vehicle has been adequately maintained and in good order. And that has been regularly checked by a competent vehicle engineer.

We feel that the new MOT laws are going to open up a whole can of worms when i comes to owners making large claims for losses, for vehicles that no longer require to meet any official safety standards. 










We carry out restorations and repairs to the highest possible standards.  When we undertake any bodywork, our goal is to try and achieve as close to factory standard, as possible. We do not haphazardly weld repair patches over corrosion. But rather we replace whole sections or panels.


We have seen so many vehicles over the years, that have had an entire history of amateur 'MOT' repairs, rather than restoration repairs. These vehicles often look like a patchwork quilt underneath, and its sad to see. We see restorative repairs, as a chance to add value to a vehicle, as well as to preserve it.

We offer a total and comprehensive restoration package, including corrosion removal, panel work, paint, interiors fitted out, upholstery, head liners. 

If you need to talk to someone about your own project, do call us. Were always ready to help with advise. 

Restoration Services

VW Camper Restoration
VW Camper servicing
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