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RHD Split Bus for sale. P.O.A

Here we have a 1959, RHD VW Splitscreen project we are selling on behalf of a customer. The vehicle has been completely stripped down, parts put into storage, and the body was blasted all over. The customer changed plans half way through the project and decided to put the project on hold. Its been in storage since 2018, and recently the owner decided to put the project up for sale.

The shell is about 65-70% restored, with the lion share of the work being put into the chassis and all sills and outriggers, the cargo floor, the long side panel, the cab floor, the front panel and inner front valance and floor supports. 

The owner had already purchased many of the remaining body panels and sheet metal parts to finish the restoration. Including cab door skins and wheel arch doglegs. 

The vehicle comes with gearbox and reduction boxes at the rear, and brand new front axle at the front, purchased from Creative engineering VW. There is no engine with the shell.

The customer had planned to upgrade to IRS suspension at the rear, and so 1303 Beetle trailing arms were purchased to accomodate a kit from T2D, not yet purchased.

Sheetmetal work required to complete the body shell consists of: Front wheel arch doglegs x 2, Cab door outer skins, and inner frame repairs, Tailgate repair, RHS inner window frame skin needs to be replaced, bulkhead over engine bay needs work, roof perimeter near guttering needs sheetmetal welded in. There will be minor perforation repair work required here and there around the vehicle.

For lots more pics view here: 

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