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Genuine Bsch starter motors reconditioned

"We fully recondition      genuine BoscH Starter motors on an exchange basis"

If the starter motor on your VW Camper Van or Splitscreen has finally given up, or is working intermittently, and you need a reliable replacement. Look no further, we have the best option for you.  

We fully recondition genuine Bosch starter motors. The only available new aftermarket starter motors, sold by the both of the largest Classic VW parts suppliers in the U.K, have a super high failure rate. We know , because we used to supply and  fit them for our customers, in our VW Camper Servicing bays.

We felt there was a demand for a higher quality product, and so we are pleased to be able to offer a much higher quality alternative. Send us yours and we can fully recondition it and turn it around usually within a week. If you don't have one to send as a core, depending on availability, we may be able to supply you one outright.

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